"For your talent is GOD's gift to you, what you do with it is your GIFT back to GOD."

-Leo Buscaglia 

About Katie Higley

Katie Higley is a "Heart Tuner" and "Songversationalist" (aka music composer/producer) facilitating healing & shifts of perspective through speaking, teaching, singing, songwriting, and composing music to film! She's a TEDx speaker, American Idol Alumni, podcast host of iVibeAlive and loves all things music & mental health. Katie has created the well loved Ukulele Hymnbook and also leads her own semester based music classes for aspiring musicians as Founder of PlaytoPraise.com and is also the Co-Founder of WriteMyHeartsong.com where she helps preserve beautiful life memories through songs! She LOVES her life, jobs, and Jesus & above all, she is the happy wife of Jeremy Higley and together they have 4 beautiful children! 

You can find Katie sharing life, compositions, songs and motivational messages on Instagram, & Facebook @KatieHigleyMusic #iVibeAlive 


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