"For your talent is GOD's gift to you, what you do with it is your GIFT back to GOD."

-Leo Buscaglia 

About Katie Higley

Katie Higley's gift to the world is music. She is a "Heart Tuner" and "Songversationalist" (aka music producer/speaker/teacher/singer/songwriter/screen composer)! She's a TEDx speaker, American Idol Alumnist, "Chaplain of Spiritual Music" from the World Spiritual Health Organization and screen composer for Primer Chord Production Music in Australia. She loves all things family, music, mental health, and the performing arts! She earned her degree from BYU in Commercial Music and has LOVED teaching music(singing, piano, guitar, ukulele, songwriting and music production) for the past 14 years to hundreds of students. She has created the well loved Ukulele Hymnbook and is developing the Play2Praise App so anyone who loves God can learn how to play 350 Hymns on the Ukulele! She is the co-founder of TotalTalentTraining.com, a Musical Theater Academy that teaches students to "Become the Lead, On Stage and Off". With the TTT team, she teaches classes, writes curriculum and writes music for their "Mini-Musicals" used in their Triple Threat Youth Training Program that is taught in local community studios and schools through out Utah and soon to be throughout the US! At TTT she helps students become "Triple Threat" performers like herself, as she was in 22 musicals before graduating high school and understands the power of developing self confidence & becoming a multi-talented individual early in life. Among the many things she does, she loves finding time to serve others as the Co-Founder of WriteMyHeartsong.com  where she helps individuals, couples and families preserve beautiful life memories through heirloom heartsongs! She LOVES her life, jobs, and Jesus & above all, she is the happy wife of Jeremy Higley and together they have 4 beautiful homeschooled children, Emmitt, Riley, Bailey and Noah, who are all the shining lights in her life! If you would like to have Katie work with you or your organization, reach out and get started today! As she likes to say, "There's no better time than the present moment!"

You can find Katie sharing life, compositions, songs and motivational messages on Instagram, & Facebook @KatieHigleyMusic #iVibeAlive 


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